Our Menu

Our Menu is Yoshoku-Style, seasonally inspired, local ingredients following Japanese traditions of using what is around you.





LUNCH-Onigiri (using Tamanishiki RiCe)

Spicy Tuna
Lightly seared albacore tuna, house made spicy mayo and nori

Shredded mackerel
with house made miso and green onion and shiso.

Chicken Karaage (Fried Chicken)
with sesame sauce.

Spicy Zangi
Chicken Karaage (Fried Chicken)
with housemade spicy miso and nori.

Kimpira (vg)
burdock and carrot
with sweet soy sauce.

Crispy Cheesy (v)
melted mozzarella cheese
with jalapeno mayo.



Cheese Toast Combo v
Our house made milk bread toast with cheese and
a half aki’s salad or a half daikon salad.

Onigiri Combo v
Your choice of 2 onigiri and a half Aki’s salad or today’s soup.

Dosanko Breakfast Set (pre-ordered)
Saba-miso, miso-shiru (soup), Tsuke-mono, nori, onsen-tamago (soft poached egg) and a bowl of rice.

LUNCH-Sandwiches with our house made japanese milk bread

Aki’s Egg Salad Sandwich v
Using free range eggs.

Spicy Chicken Katsu Sandwich
Fresh sliced milk bread, fried chicken katsu, ichimi-soy sauce, jalapeño mayo, cabbage

Pork Tonkatsu Sandwich
Beautiful local free range pork.

Cheese Crusted Oyako Sandwich
Fried chicken, egg salad, green with parmigiano reggiano cheese crusted bread.

Add cheese crusted bread + $2


LUNCH-Donburi on rice

Soft Poached Egg Don v (vg)
Free-range egg, local beets, kimpira (burdock),
caramelized onions, cabbage tsuke-mono
and house made sesame dressing.
$13.50  Vegan version available with tofu.

Tonkatsu Don
Our beautiful panko crusted free range pork, house made tonkatsu sauce and koji mayo.

Ling Cod Katsu Don
Panko crusted BC ling cod fish, cabbage, shiso tartar sauce.

Tuna Tataki Don
Albacore tuna, hainnanese style ponzu dressing, seasonal green.

Cured Salmon Don
Cured local wild pink salmon,
green with house made ponzu dressing.

Spicy Chicken Don
Panko crusted chicken, cabbage, jalapeño mayo, ichimi-soy sauce.

Hayashi-Rice Plate
Hayashi sauce ( beef shank, caramelized onion and red wine), pickled veg, rice.

Tonkatsu & Curry Plate
Tonkatsu (90g) and
house made Japanese curry with pickled vegetable.

Add a soft poached egg  +$2


Zensai (Appetizers)

House made koji/miso soup, tofu and vegetables.

Burdock, carrot and sweet/spicy soy sauce
$6 (vg)

Blanched vegetable, marinated sesame dressing.
$6 (vg)

Daikon Salad
Shredded daikon radish, carrot, cabbage, parsley, Ponzu dressing, and koji mayo.
$8 (v) (vg)

Seasonal vegetables. (vg)
$9 Small,  $13 Large

Tuna Tataki
Local albacore tuna, hainnanese style ponzu, seasonal greens&radish, crispy harusame, sea salt

Special dishes available                                            Beef Belly katsu Sandwich $17, Crispy Cheesy Onigiri $3.5/pc, Special Tomato Salad $15, Japanese Poutine $9, Korean Hot Chicken $12

Ask for the detail



Aki’s Salad
Variety of greens, vegetables, quinoa, seeds and grains, koji dressing.

Pickled vegetables using various techniques

Garlic, ginger, marinated crispy chicken. (Add spicy jalapeño mayo +1 )

Koji Cured Ham
Dosanko’s prosciutto style koji(fermented rice), cured heritage old spot pork, poached quince, and shiso.


Shushoku (Mains)

Mackerel braised in sweet miso sauce.

Beef Hamburg + Rice
Chopped beef, special demi sauce
Add an egg $2

Japanese omelette, fried rice and tomato sauce
$18 (v)
Add Hayashi sauce(beef) or Curry sauce(pork) $4

Hiyashi-Chuka (Cold Ramen)
House made cold ramen noodles, kimchi, shredded poached chicken breast, seasonal vegetable, house made sesame soy sauce
$18.50  (VG)
Vegan version available with koi marinated tofu

Special dishes available : Ling Cod Katsu $23

Ask for the detail

Japanese curry, chopped pork, melted cheese, pickles
$18 (v)
Add extra veggies $2, an egg $2,  Tonkatsu(140g) $8, spicy jalapeño mayo $1

BBQ sliced lamb, local vegetabels, ginger soy sauce, rice

Tonkatsu + Rice
Panko crusted heritage old spot pork.
Choice of Pork Loin, Pork Shoulder, Beef Belly or Tofu.
$20(140g)    $24(180g)  (v)



Dezarto (desserts)

Matcha Affogato
Organic Matcha, vanilla ice cream

Panna Cotta with Citrus
Vanilla panna cotta with fruits, shiso

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
Chocolate cake with caramelized hazelnuts, housemate nutella sauce and whipped cream.

Coffee Jelly Pafait 
Soft coffee jelly, vanilla ice cream, caramelized white chocolate mousse, salted caramel, whipped cream, house made rusk

Japanese Whiskey Bread Pudding
Chef’s special bread pudding with Suntory Toki whiskey cream, whipped cream served on a sizzling hot plate.




Nikka from the barrel
Nikka Black Pure Malt
Nikka Red Pure Malt
Nikka White Pure Malt
Nikka Coffey Malt
Nikka Coffey Grain                                                                                 Nikka Super
Mars Iwai
Mars Iwai Tradition
Suntory Toki
Suntory Hibiki
Akashi White Oak

Dosanko Whiskey Flight
Bartender’s choice of 3 whiskey tastings (1/2 oz each)

Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai – Niigata Prefecture
Tatenokawa Nakadori Junmai Daiginjo – Yamagata Prefecture
Tengumai Umajun Junmai – Ishikawa Prefecture
Senkin Modern Muku – Tochigi Prefecture
Yamagata Masamune – Usunigori -Yamagata Prefecture

YK3 ‘Yu’ – All Koji
YK3 ‘Yu’ – Nama Genshu
YK3 ‘Yu’ – Nigori                                        Yk3 ‘Yu” – Namachozo

Dosanko Sake Flight
Bartender’s choice of 3 sake tastings (2 oz each)

Hoyne Brewery
Alpha Acid IPA

Powell Street Brewery
Old Jalopy Pale Ale
East Coast IPA

Strange Fellows Brewing
Talisman – west coast pale ale
Jongleur – belgian wit beer                          Blackmail – milk stout

Twin Sails Brewing
Con Leche Horchata – milk stout
Dat Juice – pale ale                                             Single Whammy – india pale ale

Steel & Oak
Simple Things Pilsner


Narrative White 2017
Orofino Old Vines Riesling 2016
Joie Pinot Blanc 2017
DM Buronfosse ‘Marcus’ Chardonnay, FR 2015

Haywire ‘Freeform’ Pinot Blanc, BC, 2017                      Pentage Rose, 2017                                                       Orofino Cabernet Franc Rose 2017

Pentage Hiatus, BC, 2013
Narrative Non-Fiction, BC, 2017
Joie Gamay, BC, 2016
Orofino Beleza, BC, 2016

Haywire Baby Bub 350ml

Ume-Shu, house made

Mugicha… unsweeten cold barely tea
Milk Tea… sweet japanese favourite style
Orange Juice or Apple Juice
Strawberry or Blueberry Calpico Soda
House made Pop (Shiso, Orange, Quince,  Lemon&Lime,Ginger, Mint&Lime)
Hot Coffee
Hot Tea

Cider   Lonetree Cider 355ml
Windfall Jackpot 473ml – dry craft cider
Windfall Hail Mary 473ml – rose cider