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COVID-19 Safety Plan

Responsible person : Chef Nathan Lowey and GM Akiyo Lowey

Guests must be fully vaccinated.
Masks are mandatory unless seating at the table.
Hand sanitizer at the front door by the pay station and in both washrooms.
Bleach sanitizer bottles readily available 100ppm
Tables clear and set per guest.
Tables,chairs, condiment containers, sanitized after guest leaves.
Washrooms sanitized before every service. .
Waiting area for washroom clearly marked.
Social distancing guidelines flowed with tables set up 6 feet apart.
Signage stating guests must follow social distancing guidelines in the restaurant.
Signage encouraging people who feel ill to not enter our establishment
Food will be placed on table guests can pass appropriate dishes to proper guests.
Take out containers will be brought to table and food will be packed by guests.
Door handles, pay machines, sanitizer bottles,
Specific pick up area for take out and delivery orders (beside bar)
Hand washing signage in washrooms
All of our staff are fully vaccinated.
Any staff who has symptoms of covid 19 in the last ten days must stay home or go home sanitizer any surfaces that person came in contact with
Any staff who left the country must self isolate of 14 days before returning to work
We will have minimal staff working
Sanitizer spray bottles readily available for staff. 100ppm bleach and water
wash and sanitize hand upon arrival
If feeling ill do not come to work
Obey social distancing regulations
Tools shared by staff will be sanitized after each use mixers, blender, bar equipment, cooler doors, beer taps, washroom door knobs.
Complete sanitizing if common touched areas mid shift and end of shift.




LUNCH-Onigiri (using Tamanishiki RiCe)

Spicy Tuna
Lightly seared albacore tuna, house made spicy mayo, rice and nori

Shredded Shio-Koji mackerel, house made miso and green onion, Shiso, rice

Chicken Karaage (Fried Chicken)
with sesame sauce, rice

Spicy Zangi
Chicken Karaage (Fried Chicken), house made korean gochujang, mirin and nori, rice

Kimpira (vg)
burdock and carrot
with sweet soy sauce, rice
$7 for 2 pcs

Crispy Cheesy (v)
melted mozzarella cheese
with jalapeno mayo, rice



Cheese Toast Combo v
Our house made milk bread toast with cheese and
a half aki’s salad

Onigiri Combo v
Your choice of 2 onigiri and a half aki’s salad















LUNCH-Sandwiches with our house made japanese milk bread

Aki’s Egg Salad Sandwich v
Free range eggs, greens, koji mayo.

Spicy Chicken Katsu Sandwich
Fresh sliced milk bread, fried chicken katsu, ichimi-soy sauce, jalapeño mayo, cabbage

Ling Cod Fish Katsu Sandwich
Local ling cod fish panko crusted, cabbage, shiso tartar sauce

Pork Tonkatsu Sandwich
Beautiful local free range Gelderman farms pork panko crusted, cabbage, house made tonkatsu sauce, koji mayo.

Cheese Crusted Oyako Sandwich
Fried chicken, egg salad, green with parmigiano reggiano cheese.




LUNCH-Donburi on rice

Tonkatsu Don
Our beautiful panko crusted local  free range Gelderman farms pork, house made tonkatsu sauce and koji mayo.

Ling Cod Katsu Don
Panko crusted BC ling cod fish, cabbage, shiso tartar sauce.

Tuna Tataki Don
Albacore tuna, hainnanese style ponzu dressing, seasonal green.

Hayashi-Rice Plate
Hayashi sauce ( beef shank, beef belly, caramelized onion, red wine, tomato sauce ), pickled veg, rice.


Spicy Chicken Don
Panko crusted chicken, cabbage, jalapeño mayo, ichimi-soy sauce.

Chicken Katsu Don
Panko crusted chicken, cabbage, tonkatsu sauce, koji mayo.

Tofu Katsu Don
Panko crusted firm tofu, cabbage, tonkatsu sauce, koji mayo.

Soft Poached Egg Don
Free-range egg, local beets, kinpira (burdock),
caramelized onions, cabbage tsuke-mono
and house made sesame mayo  dressing.

Vegan Tofu Don   vg 
Koji marinated firm tofu, local beets, kinpira (burdock),
caramelized onions, cabbage tsuke-mono and house made sesame dressing.

Add a soft poached egg (free range)  +$2,


Zensai (Appetizers)

Blanched seasonal vegetable, sesame dressing
$7 (vg)

Stir fried burdock, carrot, sweet sesame say sauce with a hint of chilli

Tuna Tataki
Local albacore tuna, hainnanese style ponzu, seasonal greens&radish, crispy harusame, sea salt

Korean Hot Chicken
Zangi (fried chicken with garlic, ginger and soy) tossed with our house made gochujang sauce.

Beef Belly Katsu Sandwich
Beef belly sous vide then panko crusted, house made  milk bread, cabbage, organic mustard, Tonkatsu sauce, Koji mayo





Aki’s Salad
Variety of greens, vegetables, quinoa, seeds and grains, koji dressing. (vg)

Pickled vegetables using various techniques

Garlic, ginger, marinated crispy chicken. (Add spicy jalapeño mayo +2 )

Koji Cured Ham
Dosanko’s prosciutto style koji(fermented rice), cured heritage old spot pork, poached quince, and shiso.

Crispy Cheesy Onigiri
Fried rice ball stuffed with melted cheese, jalapeño mayo dipping on the side


Shushoku (Mains)

Shio-Koji Saba
Mackerel marinated with house made shio-koji and grilled, charred lemon, rice

Japanese omelette, fried rice and tomato sauce
$21 (v)
Add Hayashi sauce(beef) or Curry sauce(pork) $6

Ling Cod Fish Katsu
Local wild ling cod fish panko crusted, green and cabbage, Shiso-tartar sauce, rice


Japanese curry, ground pork, melted cheese, pickles
$18 (v)
Add extra veggies $2, an egg $2,  Tonkatsu(140g) $9, spicy jalapeño mayo $2

Tonkatsu + Rice
Panko crusted local Rocana pork from Salmon Arm Farm. green and cabbage, house made Tonkatsu sauce, Koji mayo, rice
Choice of Pork Loin, Pork Shoulder, Beef Belly or Tofu (140g $19).
$21(140g)    $25(180g)  (v)




Dezarto (desserts)

Hoji-Cha Panna Cotta
Hoji-Cha ( roasted green tea), cream, milk. geratin. w/ seasonal fruit.

Japanese Whiskey Bread Pudding
Chef’s special bread pudding with Suntory Toki whiskey cream, whipped cream served on a sizzling hot plate.

Matcha Milcrepe
Organic Matcha (green tea), white chocolate, crepes (flour, egg, milk), whipped cream.

Spice Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin baked cheesecake, candy pecan, house made cinnamon ice cream.




Nikka from the barrel
Nikka Yoichi
Nikka Miyagikyo
Nikka White Pure Malt
Nikka Taketsuru
Nikka Coffey Grain                                                                                 Nikka Super
Mars Iwai
Mars Iwai Tradition
Suntory Toki
Suntory Hibiki
Akashi White Oak

Dosanko Whiskey Flight
Bartender’s choice of 3 whiskey tastings (1/2 oz each)

Tanigawadake – SuperDry Junmai – Gunma Prefecture
Otokoyama -Tokubetsu Junmai – Hokkaido Prefecture
Senkin Modern Muku – Junmai Daiginjo – Tochigi Prefecture
Seigin Koshi no Homare – Junmai Ginjo -Niigata Prefecture

YK3 ‘Yu’ – All Koji
YK3 ‘Yu’ – Nama Genshu

Dosanko Sake Flight
Bartender’s choice of 3 sake tastings (2 oz each)

Hoyne Brewery, Powell Street Brewery
Strange Fellows Brewing,Twin Sails Brewing
Steel & Oak Brewing, Dageraad Brewing, Strathcona Beer, Superflux Beer

Kettle Valley Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Joie Pinot Blanc 2017
Kanazawa Nomu 2015

Haywire ‘Freeform’ BC, 2017                                   Orofino Pinot Noir Rose 2018                                                      Orofino Cabernet Franc Rose 2017

Haywire Pinot Noir 2018
Joie Gamay 2016
Kanazawa Raku 2014
Orofino Beleza, BC, 2016

Haywire Baby Bub 350ml

Ume-Shu, house made 2yrs old

Mugicha… unsweeten cold barely tea
Milk Tea… sweet japanese favourite style
Orange Juice or Apple Juice
Grape Calpico Soda
House made Shrub Pop (Shiso, Orange, Black Cap Raspberry, Trailing Blackberry, Lemon&Lime, Ginger, Mint&Lime, local Strawberry, Bay Leaf)
Hot Coffee (French press)
Hot Tea, Matcha

Lonetree Cider 355ml